“Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Girls” – Audrey Hepburn

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Mylittlelove Cadhla-Rose had the most amazing time at “The Hello Kitty Beauty Spa” in Jumeirah at the weekend. It was her birthday treat from her Aunty Aisling so it was something she had been looking forward to for a few months.

Once you arrive you select your cupcake and drink. Hot chocolate was always going to be on the cards with our Cadhla-Rose. You then are given your cosy robe and slippers and sent to pick out which nail polish you would like. Mylittlelove was there for a Manicure and Pedicure and asked to have “Hello Kitty” designs.

You then take a seat and enjoy your treatments and yummy snacks while watching your favourite movies on their “mahooosive telly” (Cadhla-Rose’s words not mine).

The lovely women where dressed in their white uniforms with a twist- pink tutu’s! Which every little girl just adores. There was a beautiful feel to the spa. All the women where so sweet and happy to have a chat and sing with Mylittlelove so she was in her element.

Mylittlelove would recommend this to any little girl who loves “really girly days” as much as she does!

To find out more about their spa you can go to their-
Instagram: @hellokittyspa
Facebook: Hello Kitty Spa Dubai
Phone: 04 344 9598

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