“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn” – Phil Collins

Some days you not only surprise yourself, you’re children surprise you. Cadhla-Rose our biggest littlelove has been loving school since she started last year in August. She comes home every day happy and full of wonderful knowledge (some i’m not so sure did she take in correctly) but she defientley loves the learning process. Today she came home and said “Mammy we must write sentences about a fairytale character and you are not allowed to help me.”

I actually felt a little taken back thinking ‘what does she mean, she just knows a few word’s?’ I drew some lines onto a page and she drew a little girl next to a house. I kept coming in and out and was so anxious the whole time, all i wanted to do was write what ever she wanted to write and let her copy it!

I came back into the room and couldn’t believe what i saw…

Goldeelocks went to a cotige.
Goldeelocks ayt poridge.
Goldeelocks had a nap.
I love Goldeelocks.
By Cadhla-Rose

When did she get so grown up? How did i miss this happen? I think it was Confusius who said “We cannot open a book without learning something” he has to be right. Everynight since Cadhla-Rose was 18months she picked her own bedtime story and after we read the story she would then ask us to leave the room so she could read it back to herself. Maybe letting children have a little independence is the way to go?

Hoping everyone has a great bedtime book, Sweet Dreams.


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