“It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle, If you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself” – Roald Dahl

It’s here, It’s here… The first day of Spring! Which is always a huge thing to celebrate! My favourite thing to celebrate Spring Cleaning not that we have accumalated alot in 7 months of living in Dubai (thats right 7) however its that great sence of accomplishment when you have given you’re home a deep clean you almost feel you have cleansed you’re soul!

On the note of Cleansing your Soul. Last night as i was having a little look on facebook photos. My friends from all over the world were posting “selfies” and underneath tagging #nomakeupselfie and #cancerawareness. What an amazing thing to do and what amazing souls everyone has.

I got straight on my phone and texted my donation into the Irish Cancer Society and felt a sence of happiness that if everyone was doing it maybe it would be a knock on affect with other charitys and just maybe they would have eventually enough money to start eradicating these awful diseases.

For anyone who would like to donate to the Irish Cancer Society you text PINK to 50300 – this will take 4euro from your bill or credit account.

If you are living in the UK text BEAT to 70099 – this will take £3 from your bill or credit account.

To make people more aware you can post a Selfie with no makeup on to your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram profiles with the texting details below – it is that simple…

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