“Love paid a price so hope could become a reality” – Susan Gaddis

Kids everywhere today will be overdosing on chocolate whilst Myself and Lukey will spend the day moaning that our littleloves are to hyperactive. Tonight i will be cursing the White Bunny that has ruined my diet although on the other hand, thankyou Mr Easter Bunny (i love any excuse to over indulge).

We did have so much fun this morning eating eggs for Breakfast (the chocolate kind) and running around the garden looking for surprises we just love makingmemories. They were cut a little short though when the Sun crept up to 34c and Aoibhie-Faith started frowning. Cadhla-Rose did try and explain to her that “you will have a sore tummy if you eat anymore” but i dont think she cared.

Aoibhie-Faith has now gone down for a nap due to giving herself a chocolate coma. Myself and Cadhla-Rose are snuggled up on the couch watching Chicken Little and quietly opening Easter Eggs to share “ever so quietly so Aoibhie wont eat them all mam” I do agree with Cadhla-Rose. Aoibhie-Faith has such big (beautiful) ears that she is always guessing what snacks we are sneaking without her!

I hope everyone has a blessed day- remembering its not all about the Easter Eggs and that we are so very lucky for what our Saviour did for us many many years ago. Feeling very Lucky!

Happy Easter


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