“Sometimes we spend so much time and energy thinking about where we want to go that we don’t notice where we happen to be” – Dan Gutman

We have been living in Dubai for 9 months now and even though i have atleast one day a week that i am home sick (can’t help it i am a home bird) I still find myself feeling so lucky some days. It got me thinking that we should be feeling lucky every day. We are happy, healthy the weather is amazing (albeit roasting) and the kids appear to have won the lottery. I guess they have in many ways. Alot of people have been writing on Instagram reasons they are thankful. So, these are some of the reasons we feel thankful…

* The clothes that fit a little to snug as it means we have enough to eat.
* Our shadows who are constantly following us here because it means we are out in the sunshine.
* Windows that have to be washed, floors that need to be swept becuase this means we have a home.
* The space for our car which is miles away from the lift, this means we are capable of walking.
* All the complaining i see everyone including myself doing (alot) as it means we have freedom of speech.
* The ladies that are singing off key in church as it means we can hear them.
* Overflowing laundry baskets because this means family is near.
* Feeling of heartbreak, this makes me realise how much love we have for our littleloves.

Finally, the feeling of tiredness that for 5 years feels constant, this makes me happy (slightly) as it means we obviously were so blessed to have our littleloves and although some days we think, “i wonder what our lives would be like now if it was still just the two of us?” As parents we always want whats best for our children but on the days of hardship and struggle we spend that time wondering are we enough for them.

I dont think it matters where in the world you are, every child has the ability to make you feel such anger and such love all in the one breath.. No matter what you do this week remember, no-one is Mary Poppins, take in the good and the bad and push on, because the bad moments pass and the rest are pretty amazing.

Happy Wednesday


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