“The best way to keep children happy at home, is to make the home atmosphere pleasant. Let the air out of the tires.” – Dorothy Parker

Hello Tuesday!

Tuesday’s always bring back memories to me of becoming a ‘Mammy’, as both of Mylittleloves came into the world on a Tuesday.

Motherhood- where to start. Perhaps i should chat about all the expectations and innapropriate questions that go with Motherhood and all it has to offer. From the moment we announced our pregnancy, we where showered with questions and expectations.
“How long have you been trying?”
“Do you know when it happened?”
“Will you have a surprise or find out?”
It makes you want to give people shock answers like, “we were only trying 4 minutes, we think it happened in a taxi and of course we have to find out, theres a chance it could be half and half as it was a night the seasons changed.”

The weeks and months pass by and the comments start to become even more personal.
“You’re very small.”
“Are you sure it’s not twins, you’re huge!”
“Will you have an epidural?”
“Are you under pressure?”
I can’t say that i dont ask any of these questions. I too get extra excited around the end of a friends pregnancy. It’s knowing when to stop with the questions and realising our friends really don’t want their huge ankles, 5 chins and extra hair growth to come up mid conversation.

Then we get so excited that, “Finally the baby is here”. Finally we have news to report. With that, in come all the texts and phone calls.
“Well, how was the labour?”
“Are you Breastfeeding?”
“Will you have another”?
The first one always made me laugh. I would have loved to text back replying, “It felt like i was being ripped to shreds by a baby elephant”. I some how don’t think i would have had the courage to say it. I did love that ‘Birth High’ you get for the first 2 weeks, racing around the place. Cleaning, cooking, breastfeeding, minding the other littlelove, taking a bath (when you have a few minutes to of course). That energy is so false, but feels so amazing! It is like for two whole weeks, you are superwoman, and no one can take that title away from you.

The older our littleloves get i don’t think the judgement really ends. It continues about the same things, baby weight, food choices, TV choices and when will you have another child? The mind boggles!

Every Mammy is just doing the absolute best they can and who are we to judge the job they are doing or the decisions they’re making? If they just don’t feel like going to the gym but are eager to get back into the size 6 skinnies, show a bit more of light hearted encouragement. I for one have not been a size 6, since i was 6!

No one intentionally sets out to cause harm to their children, if you want to co-sleep- do it!
If you want to give your children “chip and a mix” (chicken nuggets and chips to our littleloves) 3 times in one week (oh the shame) – do it!
If you are just so tired you let them have a movie day with pajamas and popcorn- do it!
I would imagine a sleep deprived Mammy is less dangerous then a day of eating junk food and cuddling their littleloves.

Enjoy those melting moments with your littleloves. They seem to be going by, way to quickly for my liking!

Happy Tuesday- We’re going fishing!

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