“The Man loves Puddin’s almost as much as I do and thats a lot of Puddin’s” ~ Cadhla-Rose O’Brien

Happy Daddy’s Day to the BEST Daddy.
The Daddy who makes us laugh every single day.
The Daddy who is very kind and thoughtful.
The Daddy who is ever so patient and knows the answers to every single one of their endless question’s. The Daddy who works so hard to provide a great life for us and does such a super job at it.
The Daddy who pulls silly faces with us when we are upset.
The Daddy who watches Tangled every single day and does not complain.
The Daddy who makes yummy dinners and never lets it burn.
The Daddy who gets us to school every day 15min early so we can play with my friends.
The Daddy who is all ours and we love him more then “a bushell and a peck”.

Unfortunatley for our Biglove he is getting slightly jipped this Father’s Day. In Dubai we start our week off on a Sunday. So, Daddy instead of getting a sleep in that he well and truly deserved was up bright and early to get to work. We plan on spoiling him rotten when he gets home though. We have made a few homemade bits (we love arts and crafts) and we have also got him something special that he has been “quietly” suggesting that we get him for a while now.

I hope everyone has an amazing day with their loved ones…

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