The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper – W.B Yeats

Cadhla-Rose The sweetest (yet mischievous) O’Brien. She is quiet yet loud and one of the happiest children i have ever met. She is sensitive, yet poised and would make you smile in an instant with her dimples and infectious giggle (she is very like her daddy in that regard).

This 5 year old is an amazing big sister and no matter how much her little chubby sister picks on her she will always defend her to the last – “Mam its ok, she is only little- she doesn’t understand”.

She is loving life in Dubai. Today the excursion was to go to Dolphin Bay at the Atlantis and by golly was she excited! I recieved a text from a mother who was attending the excursion to let me know that when all the children had ‘Questions’ before leaving the school, Cadhla-Rose was so hyper she put her hand up, forgot her question, and just said “I am just so excited”!!!

We certainly do get a giggle from our blue eyed, red headed irish beauty…

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