“You Musn’t Be Afraid To Sparkle A Little Brighter Darling” – Kirsten Kuehan

Since becoming a Mum six years ago, I always ask Mums I know, “What was the first thing you did when you found out you were pregnant?” I love hearing these responces as there always so unique. The top 3 common comments have been… 1. “I phoned all my family” 2. “I went shopping” and lastly (and probably my favourite) 3.”I ate my body weight in food- no more dieting!” When I found out I was pregnant, I went on a hunt for the prettiest headbands I could find. If history was repeating itself, I would be having a Girl and she would be bald until she was atleast three years old. One of my favourite Boutiques, Desert Roses, has some of the cutest little headbands I’ve ever seen! You can tell from the majority of my pictures, Mylittleloves are usually rocking some type of GIANT bow or headband. So these delicate customized pieces are right up our street. Janine who created Desert Roses in 2013 has a passion for quality products and a creative mind. She is a Mother of two beautiful littleloves who inspired her to create something she is passionate about! Desert Roses specialises in handmade, vintage inspired headbands and accessories for little girls. Each piece that goes into creating headbands, is carefully selected for quality and feel. Janine designs and make’s her beautiful pieces at home. The products can be purchased online (see link below) or stocked at Favourite Things, Marina Mall and Bumble Bee, Dubai Mall. Mylittleloves are stepping up their “Mane Game” and getting ready to SPARKLE their way with their Desert Roses Accessories into 2015! Happy New Years Eve To All Who Have Supported Mylittleloves….

IMG_3302 IMG_3303

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