“Easter Spells Out Beauty. The Rare Beauty Of New Life” – S.D. Gordon

Hello April.

Easter is so close I can smell it. I can also smell the Irish Cadbury’s Chocolate Eggs that are hiding in the wardrobe. I know Mybiglove said “I have hid them from Mylittleloves“. However, putting them up so high is making me believe in fact, he maybe hiding them from me. I should be thankful he brought them home from Ireland so we don’t have any “fake” chocolate this year. I should also be thankful that he has hidden them because at this amazing turning point in my life that much chocolate and sweets would’t really do me any favours. I know that, you know that, but my brain just doesn’t want to accept it.

A few justifications today for having that 3kilo cadbury creme egg from Spinney’s are:

1. I could melt the egg and use it for a million pinterest-esque treats. This would also enable me to gain new friends, buying their love with sugary goodness.

2. When you think about it the chocolate is Definitely going to sell out. There will be NO more chocolate to buy for a whole year! This would be devastating and no one could go a year without chocolate.

3. The next time I find a chocolate this big will be Christmas and I just don’t think it’s possible to wait that long.

4. There was one Easter I ate most of my younger sisters chocolate eggs before she woke up. Then felt extremely ill for 48 hours. Not my finest moment!

5. Easter just isn’t right until the Easter Bunny brings you a Chocolate Bunny. Mylittleloves better feel thankful they received a yummy Bunny and not upset that Bunny’s ears are missing. (I’m positive Rudolf the Reindeer ate them anyway).

We do love Easter in our home. One Easter event we look forward to is our “Mum’s and Tot’s” annual Easter Egg Hunt. We spent a few days organising the treats that would be handed out after you found an egg in the park. The children didn’t seem upset that we gave them jelly bean’s instead of chocolate. They know the drill at this stage. They all received a little prayer attached to their jelly bean bags so hopefully this can be a prayer they read over the month and it might help them understand why Easter is a BIG deal. It was a beautiful morning and the children braved the 39c in order to make memories with their families and friends. What more could we ask for?

Perhaps this is the year that Mylittleloves will get all their Eggs. In one piece. Un-opened. Not nibbled on. Who knows really.

I guess bigger miracles have happened…



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