“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

Parenting Littleloves can be tiring, exasperating, and so very frustrating.

Mylittleloves have big energy, and yes that’s normal. Their little bodies and minds are growing, but not always at the same rate. Their curiosity is exploding and they are so impulsive. Everything is a need and a want and always “NOW”. When you add curiosity to that impulse and endless energy, you end up with a typical toddler!

If your Littleloves are anything like my Aoibhie who is constantly on the go and not particularly willing to give her Mammy a break, I can assure you now that this is totally normal. For all the Mammy’s exhausted, day dreaming about 7pm to come when you can get into those clean soft white sheets with a cup of tea and 3 left over easter eggs (drooling)… this is me reassuring you that yes 7pm will come but in the meantime this is just a season and it won’t last forever.

3 Things Mylittleloves Need

1. Love

Your Littleloves will be grown before you know it- they really will! So cuddle, kiss, and love on them as much as you can. Your child is your world, so love on them with your words and your actions. One thing I need to personally do more is make sure Aoibhie is getting enough stimulation between 3-5pm otherwise I find she could wake 3 times just to say hello in the middle of the night (no one wants that). Colouring in, a jigsaw, a trip to the park, swim in the pool or even a quick walk with our puppy always does the trick for us, but see what works for you and your Littleloves.

2. Attention.

Sometimes you want and need a break so when you can, take it. When you’re with your LIttleloves try to give them your full attention.  When you’re on a walk with them, put your phone away. When they want to play with you take the time to play with them and to enjoy that time. Dishes and washing can always wait. Give her your full attention to them when and where you can.

3. Patience.

Mylittleloves can pull at my heartstrings (which they know) but they can also try my patience. Understand that you will have moments when you’re frustrated with your Littleloves that they are still small and that especially with Aoibhie (who is 2) she will need many attempts to learn a lesson. She gets cranky when she’s tired/hungry/teething or just having an off day so I guess it is only right to let her have her moments and as Mybiglove always says “It’s better to pick your battles”. Which I hate admitting.. But he is kind of right!

3 Things to Try to Avoid

1. Harshness.

We all have those days where we will want to lose it! Yes, you will want to yell, “I just told you not to do that!” When will they start to open their ears and just do as they are told? Whatever your frustration level, you can always choose to be firm yet kind. This is an area I am working on. I used to count to ten in my head and found it helped. However, I find now that Aoibhie tends to “do her worst” when we are out in public and counting to 10 is just not an option. If you are at home and feel like you’re going to lose it with your Littlelove just leave the room. Chances are after leaving the room for 10 seconds you will feel much more calm and ready to talk through this with them. Another  suggestion a friend gave me was try to imagine that someone is there watching the way you handle your child when they are having a moment (or being bold in Aoibhie’s case). Imagine you started getting loud over spilt milk and the pope walked in the door? You probably wouldn’t keep screaming over the milk!

2. Too Much Screen Time.

This is such a tough thing for me. We love Telly!! I can easily say “well Justin’s House and Playschool are very educational” but if I’m being honest with myself I love the peace that comes over the house once the telly is turned on! Plus I should also be honest and say that half the time Aoibhie turns off Playschool and puts on that Cursed Peppa Pig. It was something I was always conscious of but never turned it off! I spoke to Our Doctor recently who said that children under three should have no more than an hour a day of screen time. One thing we are going to try for the month of May is to “Turn off the Telly”. Feel free to take this challenge with us!

3. Too Much Pressure.

There is so much pressure out there to have your child be number one at everything they do. Don’t feel the pressure to have to start your toddler in dance, soccer, swimming or reading lessons. Remember that it is nice to be introduced into hobbies and to enjoy discovering your Littleloves hidden talents. Plus there is plenty of time for lessons. Remind yourself that your Littlelove has so many years to grow and learn. Lets just enjoy the here and now and let them discover themselves.


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