“Remember to smile. Remember to have Compassion. Always be gentle to those weaker than yourself. Remember to thank God for all the moments you are not suffering!”

HAPPY TUESDAY… (Hump Day In Dubai)

Littleloves all over the world need YOUR HELP.  They are in need of some of life’s basic necessities but one simple item they need are shoes. We can help them receive a pair of shoes each with TOMS who have brought their CSR program to the UAE to make it so easy for everyone to help a child in need.

Take a picture of your barefoot and post on Instagram with ‪#‎WithoutShoes‬.

Dubai Chamber’s ENGAGE Dubai corporate member Apparel Group is a host of popular international shoe Brand “TOMS”. TOMS is famous for its philosophy of One For One.

As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Toms has given more than 35 million pairs of new shoes to children in need and helped restore sight to over 250,000 people. Team TOMS is incredibly proud of and humbled by this milestone, and more excited than ever to see how the continual evolution of their Giving can positively impact communities in need around the world.

This year TOMS brings their global CSR campaign in UAE. It’s called “One Day without Shoes”. It’s a simple yet powerful initiative where they would like people to take a picture of their bare feet and share it on Instagram. With each picture shared, one shoe will be given to a child in need. A simple picture can help the cause.

The buildup of the campaign starts 10th May and the grand finale (where they will count how many shoes will be given) is on 21st May. This is an online campaign, in which they would like to spread this message how it feels without shoes so that maximum people can participate.

All you need to do is to :

* Take a picture of your bare feet
* Post it on Instagram with a #WithoutShoes
* With every picture posted, TOMS will give a shoe to a child in need.

The impact of this CSR initiative will be that if there are 1000 participants of the campaign, TOMS will donate 1000 new shoes to the children in need and if there are 1 million participants across , TOMS will donate 1 million new shoes to the children in need.

So go on – “Get Feet Snapping Happy” and remember to‪#‎WithoutShoes‬.

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