“Buy less, choose well, make it last” – Vivienne Westwood

I am going to spring clean the crap out of my life this week!  My Anxiety is getting to me lately and I am feeling like my life is just full of clutter. Lately my mind/heart and house feel a little to full. So I am vowing to take a stand and sort my shit out! Statistics show that as an average people wear only 20% of their wardrobe. We hold onto clothes that no longer fit us in the hope that ‘someday’ soon they might. We hold on to those ‘It’s a little tight’ clothes in the hope that in a few weeks that extra flab may magically disappear and turn to fab. I for one establish emotional attachments with pieces in my wardrobe. Why? I don’t know. Letting go of these possessions makes me feel like I am losing a part of myself. Like my personality is changing and I am throwing out items that was my younger skinnier self and letting go to that time. When really it is threatening my ego…

Minimising our wardrobe’s should not mean that we lose our identity. It should be about identifying our favourite every day items. The pieces that bring us happiness and the pieces that make us feel amazing. Eliminating the excess, we also eliminate the overwhelm of choice. I spend way to much time trying on every item in my wardrobe before a night out anyway. The same outfits get tried on and pushed to ‘the chair’ to be hung back up later! Literally every item of the wardrobe is pulled out and I end up going for something that ‘will do’ and leave the house almost in tears at the ‘lack of clothes in my wardrobe’ – talk about being spoilt! I would love a unique collection where each piece speaks for itself. When we minimise our options we maximise our time.

This week, my goal is to minimise my wardrobe. I began by counting the items within my wardrobe that I currently own which are as follows:

– 36 Tops

– 8 Shirts 

– 7 Jumpers/cardigans

–  61 dresses

– 9 pairs of trousers

– 32 Sports Wear (this baffles me)

– Total:  Items –

To some follower’s, this may seem like a large amount and to other’s it will seem like a little. Surprisingly, out of those 58 items, I only seem to wear around half if not less. As my job obliges me to own both smart and casual clothing, I have to create a balance within my wardrobe that allows me to utilise each item in and out of the workplace.

Experts say that a clearer wardrobe will bring you a clearer mind. I think for most people the clear out is the hardest thing to do. Saying goodbye to my ‘skinny’ clothes and also saying good bye to my ‘fatty’ clothes but I must remember to stay on top of it or I will be back to square one in no time at all.

Attempt these with me!

  1. Buy one, give two away – When you buy a new item of clothing- pledge to donate two in return. 
  2. 90/90 rule- If an item has not been used in the last 90 days and you don’t think It will be used in the following 90 days, then… let it go.*
  3. Keep it organised – Keeping the wardrobe tidy and organised by consciously putting clothes away after each use – Mr O will not believe this til he see’s it!

*with an exception of a winter jacket, 2 christmas jumpers, paddy’s day t-shirt and 2 ball gowns.

Say goodbye to the items that will no longer bring you complete happiness…

Happy Hump Day!

Love, Helly x


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