“Sometimes the little things in life mean the most” – Ellen Hopkins

If there is one thing I especially love about the school holidays with mylittleloves it is exploring and seeing new place’s through their eyes. A sand dune in the desert on a cold winter’s day is no longer just a dirty mound. It is something to roll down while screaming and pretending you are being chased by camel’s or worse camel spider’s. Palace Beach becomes our sanctuary and we enjoy encounter’s with unusual wildlife (jelly fish and rays). Coffee shops that have playgrounds become a safe haven for Mama’s needing a break and PJ days seem acceptable as the weather appears miserable (so we pretend it is) and build dens all around the house. Their excitement and laughter is infectious and makes you feel so alive!

Avoiding the obvious migraine giving play centres. These have to be our favourite things to do during half term…

Palace Beach – The secret beach of Dubai (which no longer seems to be a secret). There is no better place on a quiet day. Sand castles, mud cakes and mermaid adventures. BYO everything as there are no toilets or food trucks. Although Freedom Pizza has started to deliver straight to us on the beach – Spoilt rotten.


Emirates Equestrian Centre – An amazing find out by Bab Al Shams. An easy drive through the desert, and a beautiful location. All the ponies and horses so well looked after that Aoibhie our animal activist approved! For 25dhs for 10minutes it is one of the cheapest activities in Dubai. We did 2 rounds on our horses so the experience was 100dhs for both little loves to have time on the horses. After the ride was finished they brought the ponies back to their pens, chatted to many horses in the stables, watched some horses in the horsey hair salon and learnt a few hot tips about the ponies they “hung out with”. This truly was a highlight of our school holiday. You can check them out here.

Kite Beach – Sunset walks and scootering for mylittleloves. Make sure to bring cardigans at this time of the year. Find Salt for dinner (If they have been extra good).


At Home – Spring Clean for me! Many clothes and toys packed up ready to go to Syria. PJ days, Snakes and ladders on repeat, arts and crafts and gluey fingers, kitchen table fort’s and movie nights with popcorn and malteasers (Holiday treats are the best)!


I cant quite believe its all over now… Bring on spring break I guess?! For now though… Back to routine!

But remembering… “A holiday’s not really a holiday any more when you’ve got kids, It’s just being exhausted and stressed out in a different place.”

Love, Helly



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