Toilet Humor – “It’s not easy being green!”

Kermit is so right! When morning sickness becomes so much more than morning sickness and you start to dream of clean toilet’s!

My little’s are toilet experts. The typical little’s that could write a book about ‘the toilets of the world’ – I’m sure most parents would agree we like to know the nearest location at all times, for the ‘just in case’ moments but ideally if they leave the house at 8am to go for milk, we would like to think by 8:15am we are not racing through the supermarket trying to ‘make it on time!’ I really do think this is why you only see Mama’s entering Trolly Dash, It is our super quick skills and genetic make up that make us so competitive!

That being said – Since becoming pregnant, I can no longer blame the little’s for needing to know where the nearest toilet is at daily outings. I am now the guilty one. I need their little legs to keep up with me to save me from puking in my shopping basket in the supermarket (will save that story for another post) and I need to use every stubborn bone in my body to keep it down at all costs until I have safely reached my destination!

Disclaimer – I am super thankful for the cleanliness of Dubai bathrooms and will remember at Christmas time to tip those toilet ladies for all their help!

The dreaded words from the DR – “Yes, You have Hyperemesis Gravidarum!”

“Really?” “Again?” “3 times?” How unlucky could one person be?

The exact cause of Hyperemesis Gravidarum is unknown. Which is possibly one of the most annoying things to hear. How can you prevent something occurring when you don’t even know how it started? I literally tell people “I am allergic to being pregnant” and I don’t mean it in a “I cannot be bothered way” I really do mean that my body just decides to give up on me every every time. 

This time around I have had far more meds (the lush kind- that help some what) rather than the two pregnancies previous were it got so bad I had to give up work and live between the sheets in either hospital or home. So I am thankful for these magical pills. While they have not totally stopped the nausea they have made my life much more livable and have cut down my vomiting to only a few times a day. So they are a big relief and they give me a chance to eat small amounts and hope for the best!

I am now just over 21 weeks and have lost 6.5kilos since before I became pregnant. Do I have a bump? Yes, I do – But I do worry that baby is not getting all the nutrients they need (even though I am reassured baby is) It doesn’t make you worry any less as a Mama.

According to the Pregnancy Sickness Support group in the UK. If you have had HG on one of your pregnancies you have an 84% chance of developing it again on future pregnancies. These are quite BIG stats and obviously this is something to think about when deciding how big you would like your family to be. I know selfishly that I could not do this a fourth time around… So this is it for us.

3 will be our magic number…

I should also point out that YES I realise I am 100% one of the lucky ones. I (ok we) managed to get 2 blue lines on the biggest test we could take as parent’s and I am so very grateful for those lines 2 blue of happiness. Getting those lines made us lottery winners from the get go, to say the least and you know what? If I have to feel like this for another 18 weeks. So be it! Lets hope though for the sanity of our house hold – this is not the case. That everything keeps progressing beautifully and that I start to feel some relief.

To the Mama’s out their how have suffered or are suffering. Hats off to ye!

I am in awe of anyone going through this and I realise how lucky I am that my little’s are old enough to let me have a rest when needed – It would not be so easy with toddlers or indeed another baby in tow. Remember to ignore any comments of negativity. It is not normal. You are not being a drama queen. It is not JUST morning sickness. No GINGER does NOT cure EVERYTHING! This may not stop at 12-16 weeks. This may continue for the whole pregnancy and if any of these occur… Get HELP. You are not alone and there is help there for you…

My own HG experience while it is not normal, it also isn’t rare. There are countless of women going through this daily and many who’s struggle is greater then my story.

I 100% feel for these women…

The wish to have just one pregnancy go smoothly and not make you feel like a train wreck is so strong but eye on the prize as they say! As hard as that is for you or I to hear…

It will all be worth it in the end!


Love, Helly xx

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