“Do Beautiful, Be Beautiful!” Why Project Beauty is the Bar for me…

I have decided that this IS the BAR for me…

Project beauty opened its doors in Dubai 2 weeks ago and I finally got a sneak peak at what they have to offer.

There are two parts of Project Beauty…

T’sume meaning Nails in Japanese creates a peaceful and quiet atmosphere to unwind. I loved that all spa tools were hidden and it just felt clean, calm and if ever there was a time to use the word ZEN will this experience was the time. Shreya explained that “in today’s world where everyone focuses on living in the fast lane, T’sume dilutes the concept of chaos to one of living in a “calmer” now.” I loved the research that went into picking the perfect products in Project Beauty. Shreya picked products by Margaret Dabbs who is a Podiatrist in the UK that released her own line of lotions, creams and serums. Every time you go into the salon they analyse your skin before starting the treatments so every luxurious Manicure and Pedicure is specific to your own skins needs.

The Wax Studio which was like walking into a bedroom that you would never want to leave. Honestly – I could leave my family (for life) for these rooms. The regions first, homegrown chain of luxury wax studios with additional specialities in lash and brows. I always vision going for a wax the same way I view going to the dentist (shudders) but this certainly was not the case. With a clean, cosy room and you’re own TV (with netflix) set up. It is 100% a distraction from the outside world not to mention a distraction from the pain. All treatments at The Wax Studio are tailored to specific to skin types. Through the use of specific pre and post wax skin preparation, they ensured that the treatment I received was best suited to my own skin type and hair growth cycles. As well as minding me and making sure I was propped up well in my bed to ease the 26 week growing bump! They used Lycon wax on my legs which felt luxurious and has been setting waxing standards on a global scale for decades and remains the market leader. Not to mention it hailed from Australia! It is a premium wax and prevents hair breakage, ingrown hairs, redness and the associated painful sting. Amazingly, this wax will remove short, stubborn hair as short as 1mm, and leaves your skin soft and smooth with no sticky residue. I genuinely felt no pain and could have easily fallen asleep during this process.

I then had the pleasure of meeting with the owner Shreya and just loved her! A few reasons why…

  • How was this young woman able to create the best beauty bar in Dubai at such a young age?
  • Her knowledge of skin care, beauty and what women want was incredible. Especially for someone that did not study in this field. Genuinely if she had lied and told me she was a Dermatologist I would have believed her!
  • She is a Humanitarian in her own right. I will explain below but I am in awe!
  • If My Little Loves grow up to have her passion, compassion and ethic I will be one proud Mama!

Ok. Enough girl crushing…

For every Dhs.100 or more you spend at The Wax Studio or T’sume, a reusable sanitary pad is donated to a young girl/lady in the impoverished areas of Kenya. Yes you read that correctly! Now can you see why I am in awe?

Why Sanitary Pads though?

Every girl and boy has a right to education and dignity. But what happens to young girls when both are stripped away because of something as natural as mensturation? Yes, that’s right… because of your period.

The cost of sanitary ware and towels is beyond the reach of most young women and girls, who in Kenya are the majority of the unemployed and those living in poverty. The expense of sanitary supplies can be a big barrier for the opportunities of these women and girls and leave them in more vulnerable positions than their male counterparts.

What are the effects?

We see an increasing gender disparity with many girls remaining less educated and thus, compared to their male counterparts, less likely to defeat poverty. Being on their “period” essentially becomes a physical, social and economic health hazard, limiting their prospects and opportunities to further themselves in life. Not only do girls miss learning days but lack of funds to purchase sanitary pads, leads to low self-esteem and makes them vulnerable to early marriage. The affects on ones dignity are disheartening. The concept of dignity is to express the idea that a being has an innate right to be valued – and being your period should never take away from that!

How do they do it?

Project Beauty has partnered with tailors in slum areas in Kenya to make reusable sanitary pads. Which not only helps their cause but also gives more jobs to people in the area in need.

The pads themselves are re-useable because of the materials used. We use recycled materials including towels, cottons and fleeces to make a washable and absorbent pad. Each girl will be provided with two sanitary pads, allowing her to wash the pad daily and still have one for the next day! We believe sustainability is key and providing a reusable option made from recycled materials is an essential component of the initiative.

We they distribute the pads to girls in slum schools and impoverished areas, educating the girls on how to use them and wash them. The founder of Project Beauty, visits Kenya to distribute the pads and meet the girls we reach out to. We then provide you beautiful clients with a newsletter to pass on information of the visits, the girls and their stories!

Project Beauty embodies so much more than just the surface term “Beauty” – it is a campaign and company with philanthropy steeped into it’s foundations. Depending on the part of speech in which the word “project” is used, “Project Beauty” defines itself both as a verb and a noun.

I hope I have convinced you that this IS the BAR for you…

Remember – “Do Beautiful… Be Beautiful!”

Love, Helly xx

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/projectbeautyco/

Website – http://www.projectbeauty.net

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