Happy First Birthday Kidore!

When you find an online brand that has great products at reasonable prices it really does make avoiding shopping malls in Dubai easier!

This brand has taken Dubai by storm this year and I am so thankful we were able to get behind them and watch them grow with success!

For Mama’s like me who forget about the numerous amounts of Dress Up Days, Kids Parties, School Events which all require that “One thing you forgot to purchase!” This brand (created by Mama’s for Mama’s) is there to suit you’re every need and delivered to your door so fast it will make you wonder… How on earth do these Mama’s do it?

It has very simply become our GO TO when I’m loosing the plot with baby brain (still useless almost 9years on) or when this Mama needs a break and is looking for a cheap activity to do with the Little’s!

I have selected some of our favourites and have added them below! Also added in 2 Christmas items that I LOVE…. But promise to share more Christmas Favourites with you shortly as honestly… Santa and his Elves need as much help as they can get!!

1.The Recycled Paper Beads Kit

A great way to teach hands on recycling to the Little’s. Simply insert strips of paper into the tool and turn the handle to create decorative paper beads. Next Insert strips of paper into the tool and turn the handle to create decorative paper beads. The paper bead tool fits most plastic bottle designs and it is certainly amazing for Little’s 5 and up to practice their fine motor skills.


2. Mad Mattr

S-T-R-E-T-C-H your creativity to the max with Mad Mattr – an involving, super-soft modelling compound that shapes easily. Make whatever comes to mind!
Press it, mould it, knead it, stretch it, squeeze it, paint it, sculpt it, float it, sink it, or just pull it slow and watch it flow!
Not only is Mad Mattr perfect for relaxing and calming, but it’s also great for strengthening fingers, hands, wrists and more. And clean up is a breeze, since it sticks to itself and not to you. Plus, it never dries out no matter how long it is left out. So, it can be used over and over again, providing endless, fun-filled hours of stretch, open-ended play. Its unique, non-toxic formula is gluten minus, casein minus and wheat free, and available in 6 colors that can be mixed together


3. SnoBall 

Make your own snow all year around with this Snoball pack from Gellibaff for some crazy snowball fights. No harmful chemicals, environmentally safe and kind on your skin. So if it doesn’t sound Amazing enough… Lets remember that the Elves need a softer landing in 44 sleeps! Ye heard me!! Get those fingers clicking!!!


4. Tango Proverbs

I just love this game. Each card carries rankings of area, population and happiness index of a particular country. It can be played as a game by comparing any one of the three ranking values (lower the ranking, better the card Ideal for classrooms, play dates, picnics ,birthday parties). I love the quotes. I love the fact they have to use their memories and I love that it is something I can play with them! It really is a game that probably suits 7+ (One for Littlered and I) but Aoibhie has taken an interest also!


5. Santa Plate

Kidore have come up with some amazing wooden plaques which we are loving for Christmas. This is one of them which the Big Man in the Red Suit will love in 44 sleeps!! A place for all his treats that evening and not forgetting the reindeer! There is also a plaque you can get to hang on the door “Santa Stop Here” and a “Count Down” to Santa plaque which paired with a piece of chalk will have your creativity exploding… Its not all about the Little’s is it?? ha…


To celebrate Kidores Big First Birthday Bash the girls have a BIG gift for all my followers. They would like to offer you all a 25% discount, valid from today November 10th and this will end Sunday 12th at midnight!

The fact is simple. The products are amazing and all below 100dhs before you begin. You then enter in the code LL25 whilst ordering online and receive the discount!

Links Below…

Website: www.kidore.com
Facebook: @kidoreME
Instagram: @kidoreme

The BIGGEST Happy Birthday Wishes to the Gorgeous Kidore team! Looking forward to many more educational, fun and innovative purchases in the future!

Love, Helly xx

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