Bumpy Attire With Mummyista…

I think whilst being pregnant, dressing can be a major challenge – even for the trendiest mama’s to be! Your body is always changing, and you don’t know which clothes in your closet are going to fit from day to day. At 32 weeks now I feel like I am dressing a body that seems totally foreign to me and I have no idea what’s going to look good on me from week to week!

So I was relieved when Tracy came up with Mummyista for Mama’s in Dubai!

Tracy a Mama of two struggled to find fashionable, comfortable and high quality maternity wear whilst she was pregnant with Grace and Eve. Feeling like the only items she did find were unflattering and designed with little thought for the women who would be wearing them. She wanted to create a brand that would make pregnant women feel gorgeous, empowered and embrace this special time… I for one am glad she has created such a brand and really has put so much love and passion into it!


Sometimes you assume that if you wear bigger clothes like buying a size or two up in a regular non-maternity dress that you will be able to hide your bump. Instead, the stomach may fit, but everything else is baggy in the wrong places and it just makes you look larger. It is better to buy a maternity dress that accentuates your tummy, yet still shows off all of your best assets. Even at the times you don’t think you have the assets!!


Scoop and V-Neck tops are all a good choice for pregnant women, because they help frame your face. If you plan to breast feed then buy tops that have a little layer to them as you can use them during pregnancy and after! Anything to save money… Right?!


If you only splurge on one item, make it a pair of maternity jeans that make you feel like Beyoncé! Why not feel like a queen?


Instinctively as pregnant women we dress in dark colors. Navy and black are our go to, simply as we assume it makes us look slimmer with just a wee bump! But color actually really flatters the body, especially if you have ruching details around your stomach like this number below!


Who said fun slogans and creative “bump dressing” isn’t allowed? I LOVE a slogan tee and quotes that make people think or atleast laugh!

Go check out some inspiring pieces on Tracy’s newly launched website Mummyista and if you want to be inspired daily then check out Mummyista’s Instagram – I feel like I learn something new daily!!

Remember – Christmas is on the way (29 Sleeps) and with so many gorgeous dresses and funny Christmas tops – Mummyista has you covered!

Love, Helly xx

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