Bounce In Style…

I have been using the Babybjorn Bouncer since Fiadh-Belle was about two weeks old. It is as useful now at four months, as it was then. A completely adaptable bouncer that’s simple, brilliant and provides a comfortable, safe place to put your baby down when you need the use of your arms… Which is all the time!

The BabyBjorn Bliss to me is a updated version of those classic bouncers that they had in the eighties (Hello! I am an 80’s baby) – the bouncer that many of my own baby pictures were taken in. It has a fabric seat that moulds to the baby’s body and supports their head and neck. The baby’s weight is evenly distributed so that even the smallest baby is properly held. No little heads bobbing forward or necks dropping into awkward positions which is incredibly important in the first few months.

Yes! There are no inbuilt “tunes” or vibrating seats or dangling plastic crap or gimics with the BabyBjorn, but this bouncer just does what it says on the box… bounces. It has been my go to when I need to put Fiadh-Belle down and easy to transport when I’ve been off visiting friends.

The BabyBjorn isn’t the most inexpensive bouncer on the market, but in terms of value for money I have loved it. Designed with mama and baby in mind and one of the few essentials that will actually last from birth until when the baby is walking about. The fabric is easy to remove and wash (even for me) who seems to shrink everything!

I purchased the BabyBjorn from Just Kidding  and genuinely believe it is an item that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to comfort, usefulness, practicality and safety. With a bonus of being gorgeous for those who are style conscious.

Love, Helly xx

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