Mama’s Gone Mad…

May is mental health month!

As we all know, trying to hold life together in the first few months is tough. Sleep deprivation for a baby who cat naps instead of sleeping, who feeds every two hours like clock work, the purple crying (a post for another day) and the fact baby only wants Mama’s love. How lovely you say? Yes it is lovely to cuddle and gorgeous when the giggles come but you’re body is no longer you’re own.
Fighting with the middle child constantly over stupid things, like why she has to wear clothes to school, eat apples and flush toilets whilst I leak from every crevice.
Trying to be supportive and pretend the redhead has improved on the recorder – pushing that she sticks to singing (or reading). Oh and the Dog… Don’t get me started on her flaws! A Husband (who is helpful) is away each week and when he is here he is on a fitness buzz (to climb Kilimanjaro) so I’m being supportive and hiding the fact I eat a minimum of 2 timeout bars a day and when I say eat I mean inhale!
Mamahood is a mental rollercoaster ride! To the point you think you are going to have a break down and then they smile!? Or you go to bed and in the hour you get to sleep you dream about leaving them in a car and feel so awful (mama guilt again) that you wake up sweating and cuddle them for the next hour before they feed!
Extremely #blessed for my kids but Anxiety and Mama Guilt can be a dangerous thing!
Sit back with friends, laugh and chat about anything that makes your soul happy and if it can be somewhere quiet where “the greatest showman” isn’t on repeat – ALL THE BETTER ❤

Love, Helly xx

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