Letters to Cadhla-Rose…

Things I want to remember.

The freckles that look like sweet kisses across your cheeks.

That you love sneaking off to the Els club with your daddy for a drink at the bar (full fat coke) and you come back “from your ride” and think I don’t know.

The fact that you text me sweet dreams a few minutes after you have kissed me goodnight.

That you love singing Beatles songs in front of Grandad as you think it makes you look cooler and more grownup.

You have started messaging your besties as you are an expat and besties keep leaving you.

It is hard to be left behind and you have learnt this lesson early and have handled it so well.

You are almost ten and being ten means you get to keep some secrets from your Mammy.

Some independence.

Just remember this Mammy is always watching.

This Mammy wants you to stay this small and perfect for as long as you can.

My beautiful Littlered!

Love, Mammy xx

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