Words to my Daughter’s on International Women’s Day!

I have already read a few posts this morning that make me question do women actually support women or do they act like they do and allow human nature to take over and let out their catty ways!? This has made me sad for the Girls of our future. The ones who watch everything we do and mimic our ways.

I am so passionate about my girls growing up surrounded by different cultures, religions, adversities and hope that this is something that will benefit them through out their lives.

My hopes and dreams for them are endless but one that I hope comes naturally rather then being forced… Be kind always! It costs nothing and is easier then being unkind. It comes naturally it’s a gift that is instilled compassionately in our hearts from birth. I hope that shines from them through out their lives. For now they can sit with kids who have no one to sit with. Say hello and smile their biggest smiles to strangers. Love unconditionally. Pray for those who need it and help in any way that they can. Remember that life is hard for so many so always have empathy. You will never know what is hiding within some people. Ask people “Are you ok” often. Listen to their response with a loving and forgiving heart and kind ears.

As sisters – I hope you realize how lucky you are to have each other. Fiadh-Belle is watching you both for now and taking it all in but I can’t help the bias feeling of how lucky she is to have such lovely role models to look up to! I know you three will remain best friends for life 💕

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