A super strike party right up our Alley…

Every year I say I am going to be organised and throw Aoibhie a Birthday Party before everyone jets off on their summer adventures. Thanks to The Dubai Bowling Centre this has been the first year we have made it happen!

She isn’t 6 until the end of August and we did wonder would it be confusing for her. It turns out the only thing she was confused about was why we hadn’t done this before! I forget this 5 year old is more like a 15 year old! In true Aoibhie SASS she picked a small group that she wanted to be apart of her day. I was half honoured to be on the list as she is fierce cutting 😉

Aoibhie went for the Super Strike party and chose her own theme, because thats what big girls do. The theme she chose was princess/fairytales (I know your shocked) to be fair anything sparkly, pink and full of girls will always be her first choice – Even when I had tried to sway her down a retro theme. I had visions of the movie Grease 2 and was kinda hoping all the parents would rock up as their favourite characters and break out some dance moves on the Alleys. Maybe this is where I need my next birthday!?

Moving on….

The Fun Stuff

  • Incredible Party Hosts
  • Bowling with an instructor
  • A photo of the Celebrant is plastered across the Bowling Alley


  • Yamu kids meal for each attendee
  • Juice box and Water
  • Coffee and Tea for the Parents (always a great bonus)


  • Photo back drop with celebrants name
  • Balloon decorations
  • Music and party lights
  • Private party area with music and vibrant lights
  • 30 minutes arcade access with all rides (including bumper cars)
  • The VR Zone and selected video games

The Extras

  • Free underground parking for guests (a huge help in the summer with kids)
  • Set up and Clean up
  • Cake serving
  • Invitations for all guests
  • Customised theme of your choice. For our budding princess this was a huge hit!

For 20 kids this came to AED 2400.00 and if we wanted to add on 30minutes in the Jump room it would have been an additional AED 30.00 per child – Which to be honest is well worth it! A room full of trampolines – Could there be anything better!!

Dubai Bowling Centre 

Phone- 04 339 1010

Address- Al Quoz 1, Meydan Road, DUBAI

Click HERE for the Webpage

Click HERE to follow them on Instagram (A really fun account)!!

Do contact the lovely ladies behind the parties. BIG shout out and thanks to Mabelle and Maggie who were ever so helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgable. They are there to cater to the Celebrants needs and really go above and beyond to make sure everything runs smoothly and the Birthday Girl was happy!

It genuinely was one of the best parties we had ever attended. I won’t be taking any credit for it – I did nothing. In fact all I did was annoy the kids while I waited for it to be my turn!

We look forward to returning through out the summer for some more fun in a venue that is right up our Alley!

See what I did there?

One STRIKE for me!!

Love, Helly x

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