Don’t bake it… Fake it!

While home in Ireland for a glorious 3 weeks in the Sun! Yes… I said SUN. You didn’t miss read that and I am as shocked as you!

I really wasn’t expecting to get the ole legs out until the wedding we were attending at the end of the holiday so the fear of showing off my pale legs more then I anticipated nearly killed me!

Thankfully my Sister in Law had purchased these gems and told me to try them out. I felt the need to chat about them as I had only ever used tan organic, coco brown and dove in the past.

In their glory! On my Sister in Laws lovely Orla Kiely bedding. She’s fierce posh!!

St Tropez’s Everyday Lotion.

Light to medium – Is perfect for me. I put one coat all over my body and then put a second coat on just my legs and I felt just right. Literally felt like I had been on a sun holiday with no kids.

Medium to dark- This one comes with a caution, because I do find it very, very strong – if you get it wrong it streaks and leaves quite bold lines.

Face cream – I can see how this would be nice if you don’t wear make up. I felt like I had a lovely glow but as soon as I put makeup over it I looked a right mess. Cake face and snake scales come to mind. Genuinely if you only wear mascara or fake lashes this would be a great purchase!

The whole point of gradual tanners is that they should be foolproof, but I think for them to be foolproof, you still need to go through the same safety measures as you would with a fake tan. Exfoliate, especially dry patches on knees and feet and elbows. Put a little extra moisturizer (un-tinted) on the dry patches a few minutes before the gradual tanner. Make sure that you rub the gradual tanner in properly and wash your hands as if your prepping for surgery after the application! If you follow these rules, you should get a holiday glow the following day. I actually saw a noticeable difference to my skin within a few hours.

The first time I used it (using the medium/dark) I had streaks in the under arm region and slight marks on my ankles, but I had applied the darker lotion quite haphazardly. The next time using the light/medium and doing it properly, it gave a really convincing, sexy tan… Which is all I ask for in a tan!

There I am now!

Make sure that you apply the moisturizer to every little bit of skin, if you miss parts of your skin it will look patchy, but it really doesn’t matter if you go over the same area twice!

No major tan scent and there was no transfer onto clothes, bedsheets or the baby 🤣

I must find out where to purchase in Dubai and I am crossing my fingers that it isn’t overly priced. Cos you know… Dubai. I will definitely be stocking up when I’m home again. Who doesn’t love having a glow!?

Love, Helly x

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