Do you have a venue, product or service needing a review?

Mylittleloves would be more then happy to review products, venues and services that are relevant to the Mylittleloves blog and it’s readers. I am a mother from Ireland and I have lived half my life in Australia aswell as now becoming expats in Dubai so we tend to travel quite a lot.

If you have any items that are related to these areas please do not hesitate to contact me. I recieve no payment for writing this blog. All posts are my own personal feelings, opinions and experiences. I may recieve items for the purpose of review only. In return for these items an honest, factual post will be given and posted on Mylittleloves blog within 7 days. All posts are written by Mylittleloves unless otherwise stated.

Email –

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Thank you for your support, Mylittleloves love feedback…

Love, Helly xx


  1. Hi Helly,

    Firstly, we stumbled across your blog & we really like it & your Instagram profile. It’s really cool.

    My name is Brian Cummins and I’m the founder of the free informative utility website brand that’s helps & supports Irish & western expats in the UAE.
    I was wondering if you’d fancy collaborating via a guest blog post (ie we would post one of your blog posts on our blog post with all the links & #mylittleloves to your blog)

    Alternatively, we could repost your Instagram pics etc. Basically, we are always looking to support New Irish bloggers especially Abu Dhabi ones plus we think your blog is pretty class and it would get great exposure both here & at home. My wife is now following you and other Irish bloggers in the UAE including Potentially Fabulous.

    Let us know what you think. There’s no pressure were just looking to see how we can help.

    Happy Thursday.



    • Hi Brian!!
      So sorry I had not seen this sooner!
      I would love that!
      Let me know how to assist!
      I am pretty new to this!!
      Helly x


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